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Farmer's Footprint

Why is a medical doctor, who is triple board-certified in Internal Medicine, Endocrinology and Metabolism, producing a film about farmers and farming?

Because he has connected the dots between soil health and human health.

“The sudden explosion of cancer suggests that we did some massive environmental injury similar to Chernobyl, and you suddenly realize that we’re collecting some 80 - 85 percent of all the glyphosate sprayed in the U.S. into a single water system, and if this is the most prevalent antibiotic in our environment that’s decimating the microbiome of the soils, we had a smoking gun.”

Dr. Zach Bush says he can’t shift the momentum by working with one cancer patient at a time. It’s far too slow and it’s not at the root of the cause. So he looks to “these farmers to realize the salvation of human health.”

“These farmers” are the farmers who have stopped fighting nature, and started working with it instead.

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