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Cow Talk

Wendy Pratt is a fourth-generation cattle rancher in Blackfoot, Idaho. She was born on a ranch. She married a rancher. She and her husband like to spend their time watching cows graze.

But Wendy says she’s less of a rancher, and more of a crusader for the future of her kids, her grandkids and, well, the entire ecosystem. In her TEDx Talk, Wendy says:

“The relationship between grazing animals and grass is age-old and symbiotic and it has the modern-day potential to address some of the most serious environmental threats we face today.”

Let’s face it, cows are getting a bad rap these days for ruining land and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

But it’s not the cows, says Wendy (and a growing chorus of experts). It’s how humans manage them.

Watch ‘Grazing to Heal the Earth’

For more on the importance of grazing animals in the food system, and the role properly managed grazing animals play in climate change, read: ‘Grassland Ecology 101 for Vegans and Synthetic Meat Marketers

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