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Regeneration Revolution

In June 2015, OCA joined other organizations in becoming a founding member of Regeneration International (RI).

Since then, we’ve worked side-by-side with RI to spread this basic message: regenerative farming, ranching and land-use practices are essential to food and climate security.

Between the June 2015 launch and today, there’s been an explosion of interest in the concept of regeneration. We think we’re on the verge of a Regeneration Revolution. And it can’t happen fast enough.

RI’s International Partner Network has grown to 218 regenerative farms or projects in 55 different countries. We recently participated in the first Regeneration Belize General Assembly. Next month, we’ll provide support for the first Mexican Congress of Agroecology, in Chiapas, Mexico. And our international director will speak in June, at the 1st International Conference on Agroecology Transforming Agriculture & Food Systems in Africa, in Nairobi, Kenya.

That’s just a smattering of what RI has been up to. There’s more to come!

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