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While Bayer-Monsanto has been busy trying to rob a cancer victim of his rightful court-awarded settlement, scientists continue to churn out studies on the health threats posed by Roundup weedkiller.

Two studies released just this month, should be enough to convince regulators that Roundup should be banned. If only.

Researchers at Washington State University published a study suggesting that not only can Monsanto’s weedkiller make you sick, but exposure to glyphosate could mean that your kids and grandkids—even if they themselves aren’t directly exposed to glyphosate—could develop prostate, kidney and ovarian diseases, obesity, and birth abnormalities.

Let that sink in.

Meanwhile, another new study from the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of California, San Diego, validated previous studies showing that exposure to glyphosate may lead to advanced forms of liver disease.

And federal regulators still think it’s OK to dump 300 million pounds of this toxic chemical in the U.S. every year? Where it ends up on your—and your kids'—food?  

How mind-boggling is it that your taxpayer dollars are used to pay the salaries of government employees who would rather take Monsanto’s word for it that Roundup is safe, than listen to the scientists?

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