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Who Knows?

In the last two months, two presidential candidates—Sens. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)—have floated proposals to take on Big Agribusiness and start rallying support for America’s small family farmers.

You don’t have to support, or even like, Sens. Warren or Sanders. (As a nonprofit organization, we don’t endorse candidates—but we do support or oppose their positions on the issues we care about).

But if you care about a clean environment, pesticide-free food, and your local organic farmer, you’ve got to like what these two candidates are saying. And if we let these candidates know we support their plans to take on Big Ag, who knows how many more candidates will finally see the light?

Read Sanders’ plan to reform ag policy

Read Warren’s statement on ag policy

SIGN THE PETITION: Tell Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders “Thank you!” for standing up to Big Ag and looking out for small farmers!

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