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A Beautiful Thing

Progress is a beautiful thing. Progress toward restoring the Earth’s natural cycles as the best way to avert a full-blown climate crisis—and solve a multitude of other looming crises in the process—is beautiful beyond words.

It was five years ago that a small but determined band of food, farm, natural health and climate activists gathered in New York at the massive People’s Climate March to launch a new global network: Regeneration International.

Regeneration International, and the global Regeneration Movement, have come a long way since then.

In this week’s essay, Ronnie outlines some of the progress this growing movement has made. Progress in the science of regenerative agriculture and carbon sequestration. Progress toward creating national and international policy initiatives to advance regenerative agriculture and land restoration as a climate solution. And progress in generating public awareness of the climate crisis and the Regeneration Movement.

And then he asks, “So, what do we do next?”

Read Ronnie’s essay: ‘Regeneration 2019: State of the Movement’

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