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'It Belongs to Us'

In 2018, record numbers of women, people of color and political outsiders set out to transform Congress. Some of them won, some of them lost.

But they ran. They got involved. They challenged the status quo.

Whether you identify as Republican or Democrat, Libertarian, Independent or Green, the film “Knock Down the House” has lessons for all of us. 

This is a film about fearless people with passion. A film about having the courage to stand up for regular working people, to speak out against corporate interests, to challenge institutional power.

As one person in the film says:

"We don’t care about party. We just want to get stuff done. If we elect working people, working people can have representation in government, we can change the way we see politics, the way we see government in this country."

You might not agree with everyone in this film. You might not like their viewpoints on the issues.

But you’ve got to give them credit for reminding us that this government belongs to us. All of us. Not just the powerful and wealthy. And it’s time to take our government back.

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