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According to its website:

"Artifishal” is a film about people, rivers, and the fight for the future of wild fish and the environment that supports them. It explores wild salmon’s slide toward extinction, threats posed by fish hatcheries and fish farms and our continued loss of faith in nature.

The film’s underlying question: How far do we go to manufacture wildness?

In our newsletter this week we ask you to ask your U.S. representatives to support a bill that would ban industrial ocean fish farms.

But there’s another, equally destructive type of fish farm—built on land—that contrary to industry claims is no better than those constructed in the open ocean. And the companies behind these farms that try to swindle small towns into allowing them to extract their resources and pollute their environments are no different than the giant factory farm companies like Cargill and Tyson.

As the opening line in the film, produced by Patagonia, says, “The road to extinction is paved with good intentions.” Possibly. Or, it could be that the road is just paved with greed.

Either way, we’re headed in the wrong direction.

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