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Down on the Farm

People who make fake meat inside Silicon Valley labs shouldn’t cast stones at farmers and ranchers who raise real livestock for real food.

But that’s what the folks at Impossible Burger did this week, when they published a litany of unfounded claims about regenerative grazing.

In response, regenerative rancher and fourth-generation farmer Will Harris publicly invited Impossible Burger CEO Pat Brown to visit his ranch in Bluffton, Georgia, and see for himself how regenerative grazing actually works—to revive local communities, clean up the environment, promote biodiversity and combat global warming.

Impossible Burgers latest impossibly ridiculous claims follow on the heels of a previous article where Brown announced that his company would start using GMO soy, because it’s so “safe and environmentally responsible.”

We followed with an article citing six reasons Brown was wrong. So instead of attacking industrial factory farms, the real culprit in beef production, Impossible Burger decided to come after regenerative ranchers.

We hope Brown takes Harris up on his offer to get out of the lab and down on the farm. Stay tuned.

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