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If ever there were a time to beat down the doors at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), that time is now.

Every 15 years, the EPA is supposed to review the latest science on glyphosate, then issue a determination on whether this toxic chemical should be re-approved for another 15 years.

The last deadline for a new review of glyphosate was December 2015. Three-and-a-half years past the deadline, the agency that’s supposed to protect your health came out with its bogus review, claiming that glyphosate poses “no risk to public health."

Now we have until July 5 to tell the EPA what we think of its review, and why we believe glyphosate should be banned.

As we wrote last week, we probably can’t stop Trump’s EPA from re-approving glyphosate—and for sure we can’t do it with just “comments.”

But we’re sure as hell going to try, anyway.

We and some of our allies are planning a major event in Washington, D.C., for later this month. We’re working with Roundup-exposed cancer victims, successful farmers and ranchers who are living proof that we don’t need Roundup weedkiller to grow food, and local leaders across the country who have banned glyphosate from their cities to tell the EPA, the media and Congress why they must ban this carcinogen, for good.

Stay tuned for more details. And if you can, please donate to our summer fundraising campaign to help fund our “Storm the EPA” event.

In the meantime, please tell the EPA why you believe glyphosate should be banned, by submitting your comments here.

Be sure to tell your personal story, especially if you or someone you know has cancer or another illness due to exposure to Monsanto-Bayer’s glyphosate-based herbicides. You can attach photos to your submission.

Comments aren’t enough, and with your help, we plan to do more. But all the same, it would be powerful if the EPA received tens of thousands of individual comments from people like you, who care.

TAKE ACTION: Submit your personal story about Monsanto’s glyphosate to the EPA 

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