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Almost every week, there’s a new warning about the climate emergency—including that it’s no longer imminent, it’s already here. Now.

Yet the Democratic National Committee has so far rejected demands that it hold a climate debate, so we can all have a clear understanding of where each of the Democratic candidates stand on climate change, and on the Green New Deal’s bold plan to address it.

It’s just plain unacceptable. So the Sunrise Movement is running a #ChangeTheDebate campaign, asking people to host watch parties and make waves on social media, to try to force candidates to, as they say, “give a damn about our lives.”

The first presidential debate will be on June 26, in Miami, Florida. If you want to host a watch party on that date, sign up here, and the folks at Sunrise will send you next steps.

Not up for hosting a party, but interested in attending one? Plug in your zip code here to find a watch party near you.

The next debate will be in Detroit, on July 30-31. We’re planning to help Sunrise mobilize thousands of people to show up in person for that one—stay tuned for details!

YES! I want to host or attend a #ChangeTheDebate Watch Party on June 26!

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