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Coffee Slaves?

Many of us are slaves to our morning coffee. But most of us would be appalled to learn that our morning cup of Joe was brought to us by slaves.

Starbucks has long been on our list of bad actors, for a host of reasons. The latest? The world’s largest retail coffee chain’s slave labor problem.

In 2014, we wrote about our efforts (failed, so far) to force Starbucks to stop supporting the industrial “dirty dairy” system and switch to organic milk.

Now, through our Fair World Project, we’re calling out Starbucks for its fake claims of “99% ethical coffee.” For the second time in nine months, Brazilian labor inspectors have found slave labor on plantations where Starbucks buys coffee. And not just any plantations, but ones that have been “certified” to Starbucks’ C.A.F.E. Practices standards.

You’d think a CEO with a personal net worth of $3.4 billion would be embarrassed to keep building his fortune on the backs of slaves. Apparently not.

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