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We already know that Trump and his U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are on Monsanto’s team, not ours. White House policy advisers made that clear when they said, “We have Monsanto’s back on pesticides regulation.”

So why bother to submit comments to the EPA about why it should ban glyphosate?

The quantity and quality of comments are important because they could potentially influence the next president and his or her EPA administrator.

Every 15 years, the EPA is required to review the latest science on glyphosate and either re-register the chemical, or cancel its registration. That process is underway right now. In April of this year, the EPA published its Proposed Interim Registration Review Decision. The agency is now seeking public comments on that document.

Given how slow the EPA has been to act on glyphosate—probably because the chemical is so controversial—there’s a good chance the agency won’t be able to complete its Final Registration Decision before the next presidential election.

And even if it does, whatever decision the agency makes, it could trigger a long, drawn-out court battle.

So either way, it's highly possible that a new president, and a new EPA director, may be the ones who make the final decision on glyphosate—and your comments could help influence them.

TAKE ACTION: Submit your personal story about Monsanto’s glyphosate to the EPA

TAKE ACTION: Tell the EPA to ban Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller!

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