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Regenerative rancher Will Harris wants the CEO of Impossible Foods, Pat Brown, to pay a visit to his farm in Georgia. Harris said so publicly, in this article published in Civil Eats this week:

“Dr. Brown, please come see me. “It’ll be an opportunity for both of us to adjust our worldviews.”

Harris also emailed Brown. But so far, he’s received only a canned email response from the company.

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Why is Harris so keen to get the folks who make the Impossible Burger down on the farm?

Because the makers of the lab-grown GMO fake meat seem to think they know more about farming than Harris, a fourth-generation hands-on farmer. And instead of attacking the industrial factory farm beef producers, Impossible Foods is taking pot shots at regenerative grazers.

Last week our sister organization, Regeneration International, responded to statements by Impossible Foods claiming that its fake meat is the way of the future. The impossibly silly claims followed the company’s announcement that it was switching to GMO soy for its fake meat, out of a “commitment to consumers and our planet.”

Hogwash, we said.

And so began a debate, carried out in the media, which included this article by Vandana Shiva where she writes:

Food is not a commodity, it is not “stuff” put together mechanically and artificially in labs and factories. Food is life.

And this article, in Civil Eats, where Harris, owner of White Oak Pastures, counters Impossible Foods’ claim that regenerative grazing and ranching can’t be scaled up to feed the world:

“White Oak Pastures will never be a multinational corporation. There will never be a truly regenerative, humane, fair farm that will scale to a national level—much less multinational. Instead, every rural county in all 50 states should have a White Oak Pastures or two. That’s the way it used to be.”

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