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Merger Madness

Bigger may not mean better. But in the corporate agribusiness world, bigger means more power—more power over farmers, more power over consumers and more power over policymakers.

As already-big corporations become even more economically and politically powerful, they become less accountable to the public. 

That makes the work we do—to protect consumers from pesticides, GMOs and the widespread harm inflicted by factory farms on human health, animal welfare and the environment—that much harder.

It also makes life exceedingly difficult for independent family farmers, who find themselves faced with fewer and fewer choices when it comes to which crops or livestock to produce, and what markets to sell into, according to this University of Missouri study, “Power Food and Agriculture: Implications for Farmers, Consumers and Communities.”

It’s time to stop the merger madness that’s running your favorite farmers out of business—and leaving you, the consumer, with fewer choices, too.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress: Stop the Big Ag Merger Mania! Protect Family Farms, Consumers & the Environment

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