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The Hollywood Reporter called it a “blood-boiling eco-doc.” Movie City News called it “one of the most genuinely scary films at Sundance this year.”

The Devil We Know” is a documentary about a common chemical and its potential to cause birth defects in the unborn, and at least six diseases in humans. And, in an all-too-familiar story, the film documents how two corporations—DuPont and 3M—hid the truth about its dangerous chemical, from employees and from the public.

You may have long ago thrown out all your Teflon™-coated pans. But C8, the chemical used to make Teflon, is (or in some cases was) used in a wide variety of other consumer products.

Today, C8 contamination is so widespread that, according to this article in the Intercept, 99 percent of Americans have the chemical in their blood.

Read ‘The Devil We Know:’ How DuPont Poisoned the World with Teflon’

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