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Whoa! Did you hear that?! 

A presidential candidate on the debate stage talked about soil as a solution to climate change! One extolled the environmental benefits of cover crops and conservation easements! Another even name-checked two regenerative organic farmers!

The climate emergency is our most urgent crisis. It deserves its own debate—and that debate must include a discussion of the power of regenerative agriculture to reverse global warming.

We’re right there with the Sunrise Movement in demanding that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) hold a #ClimateDebate. 

Let’s keep the pressure on the DNC to schedule that debate—and also to make sure there are plenty of questions for the candidates about what they plan to do to change the way we produce food. Because as candidate Tim Ryan said in the last debate, “ . . . you cannot get there on climate unless we talk about agriculture.”

Read ‘Most Presidential Candidates Get It: We Can’t Solve the Climate Emergency Without Regenerative Agriculture’

SIGN THE PETITION: Tell the Democratic National Committee: Hold a #ClimateDebate & Include Agriculture!

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