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It may be true that you can take the boy out of the country, but it’s apparently not so easy to get the CEO out of Silicon Valley.

In mid-June, Will Harris, owner of White Oak Pastures, publicly invited Pat Brown, CEO of Impossible Foods, to visit Harris’ ranch in Bluffton, Georgia. The invitation was prompted by a statement Harris got wind of, in the latest Impossible Foods Impact Report, which facetiously referred to regenerative grazing as the “clean coal” of meat.

The company has also claimed that grassfed beef  “generates more GHGs than feedlot beef”—a claim that didn’t sit well with Harris, whose ranch in Bluffton, Georgia, stores “more carbon in the soil than our cows emit in a lifetime,” according this blog post on his website.

Harris told a reporter for Civil Eats that he was “stunned” by the “clean coal” analogy. “I think there were many mistruths in that attack,” he said.

Then he reiterated his invitation to Brown, through the reporter:

“Dr. Brown, please come see me. It’ll be an opportunity for both of us to adjust our worldviews.”

Harris followed up his public plea with a personal email to Brown. A company official responded by scheduling a phone call, that she canceled two days before. Brown also responded, with an apology—you can read more about the email exchange and the ongoing debate, "to eat or not to eat beef," here. 

Meanwhile, please help us get Brown "down on the farm" by following the instructions below.

Read 'Dear Mr. Impossible Foods CEO: Please Visit This Regenerative Ranch'

TAKE ACTION: Download and print this invitation to Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown. Then attach the invitation to this comment form. Or mail it to:

Mr. Pat Brown, CEO, Impossible Foods
400 Saginaw Drive
Redwood City, CA 94063

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