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No Way!

Last summer, U.S. Department of Agriculture Under Secretary Greg Ibach said this:  

“As the National Organic Standards Board set the rules originally, GMOs are not eligible to be in the organic program. However, we’ve seen new technology, including gene-editing, that accomplishes things in shorter periods of time than a natural breeding process can. I think there is the opportunity to open the discussion to consider whether it is appropriate for some of these new technologies that include gene-editing to be eligible to be used to enhance organic production and to have drought and disease-resistant varieties, as well as higher-yield varieties available.”

GMOs in organic? We don’t think so!

When the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) holds its fall meeting later this month, members will once again revisit the issue of which genetic engineering production methods meet the criteria for “excluded methods” in organic.

This is a good time to remind the NOSB to let the Trump administration know that consumers want all forms of genetic engineering to be excluded from organic production.

Read ‘Time to Remind the Trump Administration: No GMOs in Organic!’

TAKE ACTION BY MIDNIGHT EST OCTOBER 3: Tell the National Organic Standards Board: NO GMOs in Organic!

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