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One-Two Punch

The shift from agrarian societies to industrial, to digital, has come at a high cost when it comes to the general public’s knowledge of agriculture. The value of that loss cannot be over estimated when it comes to consumer campaigns and the role they can and must play in promoting the system changes we need for a just transition to sustainable agriculture, sector-wide. - Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, August 8, 2019

The crumbling of Big Food’s biggest lobbying group, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, and the association's recently announced plan to reinvent itself as the Consumer Brands Association, proves the power of consumer campaigns that target corporate greed and corruption.

OCA took some heat when in 2012 we first launched the “Traitor Boycott,” targeting the organic and natural brands that had been scooped up by Big Food corporations. But the campaign had an impact, even if it took several years for that impact to be fully realized.

The combination of consumer campaigns and consumer education delivers a one-two punch to Big Brands and the Big Food corporations that own them.

According to a report in Money magazine:

As consumers come to place higher importance on fresh, healthier foods, and no longer feel compelled to stick with the grocery brands from their childhoods, the sales of plenty of old-fashioned classics are suffering. 

And from the Wall Street Journal:

The classic consumer food companies—makers of cereals, snacks, soups and condiments—are no longer the staples of pantries or portfolios. Shares of some are down by a third or more over the past year as strategies to boost sales fail, and consumers embrace fresh food and new brands.

We have a long way to go before we rid the world of corporations whose food destroys our health, and whose production practices destroy our environment. But thanks to you, we're making progress.

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