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60 Years

Unless we stop abusing the world’s soil, we’ve got 60 years until we run out of farmable land.

The Need To GROW", an award-winning new film narrated by Rosario Dawson, profiles three very different solutionary heroes and their underdog struggles to save the world.

To celebrate the film’s worldwide release, our friends at Food Revolution Network are teaming up with Earth Conscious films to offer it to you for free—but for only five days.

“The Need to GROW” focuses on how regenerating soils will:

• Store more water in our environment to prevent drought and flood
• Create high-powered nutrient density in ways that can restore human health
• Protect our drinking water and oceans from harmful chemical contaminants
• And reverse climate change by storing huge amounts of carbon in the soil!

Don’t miss out! Watch the entire film, free, from Food Revolution Network and Earth Conscious films, but only until October 15

Missed the date? Watch the “Need to GROW” trailer

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