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Cow Flipping?

You’ve heard of cow tipping and house flipping. But how about cow flipping?

There are lots of organic dairies producing—with real integrity—authentic nutrient-dense organic milk, including raw milk.

But some “Big Organic” (as in, not really organic) dairies are taking advantage of a loophole in the Origin of Livestock Rule by “flipping” dairy cows in and out of organic production.

Cow flipping lets these organic imposters cut costs by among other things, feeding calves substances that are banned in organic—like “spray-dried bovine plasma” which is really just cow blood.

It’s time to close this loophole.

Cow flipping hurts consumers who think their “certified organic” milk is produced by dairy farmers who follow the rules. And it hurts the small dairy farmers whose prices are undercut in the market by factory farm-style dairies that cheat the system.

SIGN THE PETITION: Tell the National Organic Program: Don’t let 'Big Organic' dairies cheat family farmers and consumers.

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