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Next week, as we have twice every year for the past couple decades, OCA will send a representative to the bi-annual National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting.

We’ll present tens of thousands of signatures from consumers demanding that the NOSB crack down on Big Fake Organic dairies that cheat the system.

We’ll present thousands of signatures from consumers telling the NOSB that any ingredient used to process meat that causes that meat to become carcinogenic should be banned from organic.

We’ll press for stronger, not weaker, organic standards. 

We’ll argue that independent, authentic organic producers, motivated by fairness and a commitment to consumers and to being good stewards of the land, should write the rules for organic standards—not giant corporations, pressured by shareholders to increase stock values.

We take seriously our role as protector of organic standards. It’s an important piece of the work we do.

We wish we could bring all of you with us to Pittsburgh next week.

But we’ll settle for bringing your signatures, and your values and your spirit.

Your voices will be heard. We’ve got your back.

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