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'A Flush Toilet'

This week’s video spotlights everything that’s wrong with factory farms. 

But the video also highlights one thing that’s trending in the right direction: More people are fighting back.

When a company revealed plans to build a 35-acre, 26,000-hog factory farm in Trade Lake, Wisconsin, people in that town had a lot of questions. And they weren’t taking the answers being tossed around by the project’s developers at face value.

Without any environmental impact study, the project proposed to spread 6.5 million gallons of hog manure over 1,000 acres of land—in a town situated near a major tributary of the St. Croix River and a nearby wildlife refuge.

One resident summed it up this way at a town meeting: “Basically, we’re a flush toilet in their eyes.”

Residents fought back. In August, they won a one-year countywide moratorium on farms with 1,000 or more animals.

The fight isn’t over yet. But getting started is half the battle. 

Watch ‘Farmers, Residents Try to Stop Massive Hog Farm’

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