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It’s turkey time again.

Thanksgiving dinner means only one thing for millions of us: turkey. Of the 100 million turkeys on farms around the U.S., 46 million of them will be eaten on Thanksgiving Day. 

When turkeys arrive at our supermarkets, plucked and cleaned, there’s nothing to alert us to the conditions endured by most of the birds that eventually land on our holiday tables. 

But the vast majority of turkeys come from industrial factory farms, where as many as 25,000 birds—pumped full of antibiotics and GMO corn—are crammed into a single barn.

The lives of industrially produced turkeys are short and miserable. And the environmental damage and human health consequences of supporting factory farm turkey producers are well-documented

What’s the alternative? Organic, pasture-raised turkey from farmers who treat the birds humanely and are also good stewards of the land.

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