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'Change Is Hard'

Soon after the launch of the national coalition of U.S. Farmers & Ranchers for a Green New Deal, NowThisNews reached out to us about producing a video featuring farmers and climate change.

The NowThis news team traveled to the midwest to meet with farmers who are dealing with the direct impact of global warming—including unprecedented flooding—and who believe that with the right policy changes, they can not only recover, but they can lead us back from the brink of climate disaster.

If our policymakers and investors give them the tools, these farmers can build healthy soil that stores carbon and produces nutrient-rich food, while also improving their own economic prospects.

Yet so far, despite promises from both the Obama and Trump administrations, the policy changes family farmers need haven’t materialized. 

The farmers interviewed for this video hope a Green New Deal will change that—but they know it will happen only if they embrace change, and demand their rightful seats at the policymaking table.

Watch 'Meet the Farmers Facing the Climate Crisis

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