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Letter from Santiago

OCA’s Ronnie Cummins recently joined our sister organization, Regeneration International, and South American farmers and civil society groups, to participate in COP25 events in Santiago, Chile, even though the official global climate summit was moved to Madrid. (More on that here).

While there, Ronnie witnessed firsthand some of the protests against government and corporate corruption.

"Marching and chanting with our Chilean brothers and sisters along riot-scarred streets in central Santiago, past an astonishing number of smashed-up billboards, burnt-out subway stations, battered storefronts, broken traffic lights, boarded-up banks, hotels and businesses, it’s clear that elite control and ‘business as usual, at least here in Chile, is no longer tolerable. Along the major thoroughfares such as Avenida Providencia, neighborhood or family-owned businesses, ‘somos pyme have generally been spared, while colonial monuments, government buildings, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Oxxo, Domino’s Pizza the Crown Plaza Hotel, and other symbols of multinational control and consumerism have been spray painted, smashed and vandalized."

In his “Letter from Santiago,” Ronnie talks about the confluence of climate change and social unrest, how they are linked, what food and farming has to do with both, and what steps citizens, farmers and governments need to take in the face of today’s global eco-social crisis.

Read: ‘Letter from Santiago’

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