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Lone Ranger

What if they held a forum on climate change and agriculture for presidential candidates, and the candidates didn’t show up?

That’s not quite what happened earlier this month—but it’s close.

On December 5, the Organic Farmers Association (OFA) and the Iowa Organic Association held a Presidential Forum: “Combating Climate Change with Organic and Regenerative Agriculture.”

Max Goldberg of Living Maxwell reported that according to OFA Executive Director, Kate Mendenhall:

“We had been talking with the candidates since the spring, trying to get them on an organic farm and have them learn more about the impact that organic farming has had on the local communities. We came up with an idea for a forum, but it was just not a priority for most of them. However, we were thrilled that Senator Sanders came.”

That’s right. One candidate—Sen. Bernie Sanders—showed up to answer questions from Iowa’s organic farmers.

Francis Thicke, whose resumé includes dairy farmer and co-chair of the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers for a Green New Deal, introduced Sanders, who then fielded questions from Thicke and others.

Sanders’ responses may not all have been perfect, or perfectly complete. But he showed up. And he showed interest.

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