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Brave New World?

For decades, the biotech industry has spun a narrative around genetically engineered crops that can be summed up very simply as “jam tomorrow, instead of bread and butter today.”

Sustained—and financed—largely on the promise of spectacular success at some unidentified point in the future, the research and development of new types of GMO foods, made with a whole host of new genetic engineering technologies, has gathered pace in recent years.

It's tough to keep up with everything researchers and the biotech industry are cooking up—including the fact that genetic engineering is fast spreading from the crops in the field to the animals in the barn.

Two recent reports provide in-depth information on the mechanics—and the ethical issues—around gene-edited farm animals.

They also shed light on the unintended, and disturbing, consequences of messing with Mother Nature.

Read 'Brave New World: What You Need to Know About Gene-Edited Farm Animals'

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