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“You have my word on this one . . . we will not be appointing a Secretary of Agriculture who comes from agribusiness or corporate interests . . . You will have an aggressive Secretary of Agriculture who is going to fight for family farmers and strong organic standards.” – Bernie Sanders, Iowa Organic Association, December 5, 2019

The majority of people still equate the words “Green New Deal” with a plan to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy technologies. Very few people who hear or read those words think “food and farming.”

But the Green New Deal plan laid out by Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is much more than a renewable energy transition plan—it’s also a plan to end industrial chemical farming. 

Whether you’re a consumer fed up with pesticide-laden foods and GMOs, an environmentalist outraged by industrial farming’s widespread pollution of U.S. waterways, an animal rights activist waging war against factory farms or a climate activist, Sanders’ Green New Deal addresses your concerns—boldly, and in concrete terms.

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