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'Right to Harm'

Maybe you’ve heard of “Right to Farm” laws? They’re designed to protect large-scale industrial farming operations by stripping neighboring citizens’ right to sue factory farms that pollute their air and water.

Right to Harm” is a film from executive producer Mark Bittman that illustrates the sickening (literally—read this story about “fecal dust” causing a multitude of health problems for people living near Texas cattle feedlots) impact of factory farms on rural communities—and shares inspiring stories of people who are fighting back against a system rigged against them.

In the end, the film suggests, it comes down to this: whether the economic rights of the agribusiness corporation are more important and will take priority over the basic human rights of people.

It also comes down to how many citizens are willing to organize, and how many consumers are willing to boycott meat, dairy and eggs that come from these horrendous factories, masquerading as “farms.”

WATCH: ‘Right to Harm’ trailer


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