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Positive Change

Everybody knows we need a change.

Our climate-destructive, corporate-controlled, factory farm system is broken and the longer we let it limp along the more broken and destructive it becomes.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If we can imagine a better future we can build it. We can achieve the large-scale transition we so desperately need to an organic, regenerative food and farming system.

With the right policies—and people—in place agriculture can become a force for good. It can clean up the environment, advance social justice, restore urban and rural food and economic security, and restabilize the climate.

We work everyday to create the conditions in which that grassroots-driven change can become a reality.

We know that even if the November election brings us a new president, Joe Biden’s ties to Big Oil, Big Pharma and other corporate interests could be real obstacles to building a better world.

We know that we have our work cut out for us and we are ready to meet the challenge. 

We’ll never stop fighting for a better world—but we need your help and your support to make change happen.

Your donations, to either Organic Consumers Association or Citizens Regeneration Lobby, will help us win this battle for the future of food.

Make a tax-deductible donation to Organic Consumers Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit  

Support Citizens Regeneration Lobby, OCA’s 501(c)(4) lobbying arm (not tax-deductible)

Donate $100 or more and we’ll send you a copy of Ronnie’s new book

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