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Toxic Smoke

The wildfires still raging on the West Coast of America may have dropped from the front pages of our newspapers, but their legacy will be with us a long time. Satellite pictures of smoke spreading all over the country, and the world, show just how far-reaching—to people, to nature and to property—the damage is.

Now, studies of what’s actually in all that smoke are telling the story of our times. Even in areas of natural beauty the soil can be saturated with toxic chemicals from fertilizers and pesticides from farms, waste and sewage from factories and communities and vehicle exhaust.

This pollution can be taken up through the roots of trees and other plants. 

Pollution from pesticides and fertilizers as well as vehicles and factories can drift in the air and coat surfaces. When they burn, these toxicants are released back into our atmosphere.

This is a major health disaster and one more good reason why we keep campaigning to stop toxic chemical-dependent farming and switch to organic and regenerative methods that take the toxins out of our farms, our plants and our soil.

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