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Zombie Viruses

Right now research labs in the U.S. and elsewhere are using risky gain-of-function experiments to create viral ghouls.

Mad scientists are mixing and matching deadly diseases like anthrax with the coronavirus. They are re-engineering the Ebola virus to make it airborne and resurrecting dangerous viruses from the bodies of dead soldiers.

The threat to all of us is obvious. These viruses can, and do, leak from so-called secure laboratories—and, as COVID-19 has shown, once they are out in the world they can be deadly and hard to control.

We still don’t know the full extent of the gain-of-function ghouls our government is funding today. 

But from the work of a few dogged investigators we know that, in the name of health, scientists are mutating many different viruses to make them more infectious, deadly and more able to jump species—and then creating vaccines that can be administered by spraying them in the air. 

The history of virology and bioweapons is long, dark and full of deadly secrets and dumb mistakes. It’s time to change the course of that history.

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