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Weaponizing Conspiracy Theory

Natural Health Advocate Nate Doromal explains how the perpetrators and apologists for the “official” story on COVID-19 have weaponized the term “conspiracy theory” to delegitimize and censor the views of dissident scientists, investigators, and public interest organizations such as the OCA and Dr. Mercola in regard to the origins, nature, virulence, prevention, and treatment of COVID-19.

Since Covid-19 took over the daily news and media reporting earlier this year, the term “conspiracy theory” has been used as a tool of censorship by the mainstream media sources, enabling them to avoid looking at the true origins, nature, and treatment of the pandemic. It is indeed true that we are living in an “age of misinformation,” a time when it is legitimately hard to tell what exactly is true and what isn’t. But during this time, how do we make sense of the non-stop flood of contradictory Covid-19 information? And what do we make of alleged Covid-19 conspiracies? 

But seldom is it given thought that the term “conspiracy theorist” can become weaponized; the charge becoming a means to stifle free inquiry into a topic. Who decides what is valid information versus misinformation? And who decides what distinguishes a conspiracy theory from real corruption?

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