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Carrying on the Struggle

Freedom of speech is under attack as never before in the US as government and intelligence officials urge the Silicon Valley internet monopolies to censor alternative information, whether we’re talking about COVID-19, dangerous biolabs weaponizing viruses and pathogens, or the underlying causes of the current war in the Ukraine.

As COVID-19 wanes and a new Cold War heats up, OCA remains committed to exposing the lies and treachery of Big Biotech, Big Ag, Big Food, Military Madness, Big Pharma, the political Establishment, and the global elite’s diabolical Great Reset. OCA will continue to report on the insanity of genetically engineered food and synthetic biology as well as calling for an end to weaponizing viruses and pathogens in badly regulated, accident-prone “dual-use” labratories.

At the same time, building upon the increased demand for organic food and natural health supplements and practices, especially since the beginning of the pandemic, we are launching a new campaign with our allies across the world called Regeneration Health International, designed to complement our work on regenerative food, farming, and land use.

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