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Truth Be Told

It’s been tough to watch the narrative about the origins of the COVID-19 virus split almost evenly into two camps: the lone bat in the wet market camp vs. the genetically engineered by humans in a lab camp. 

It’s been even tougher to sit by as the engineered-in-a-lab theory, despite supporting evidence from credible scientists, has been quickly dismissed as a “conspiracy theory” unworthy of due investigation.

We suspect the public will never hear the full story behind the origins of this pandemic, unless we explore all of the complex, nuanced motivations by those who have a stake in controlling the narrative, and marginalizing anyone who doesn’t fall in line.

To that end, we’ve been conducting interviews with scientists and others who are digging deep, looking under the rocks, lifting the covers, shining the spotlights—insert your own analogy here—to get to the truth.

This week, we share—in both video and transcript format—interviews with four people who think the public has the right to know what really happened, and are working to find out what that truth is.

Because, truth be told, unless we fully expose the origin of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are doomed to endure another, possibly much worse, pandemic in the future.

Watch & read our interview with Stuart Newman

Watch & read our interview with Jonathan Latham

Watch & read our interview with André Leu

Watch & read our interview with Sam Husseini


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