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Woe Is Bayer?

If you want to know where Big Pharma stands on protecting consumers from being poisoned by chemicals, start here. 

The website posted an article this week about reports that Bayer is nearing a settlement agreement with the more than 125,000 people suing the company over Roundup weedkiller. The article starts out with this:

“Investors suffering losses from Bayer’s Roundup legal woes are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, as the German conglomerate is said to be nearing a final settlement that could put tens of thousands of lawsuits behind it.”

Wow. So the victims here are Bayer, who’s “finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel,” and Bayer shareholders, who have been “suffering losses?”

Funny, we would have thought that the victims in this story are the tens of thousands of human beings and their families, devastated by cancer—not the corporation that sold those people a weedkiller, falsely marketed as “safe,” that caused cancer.

Meanwhile, looks as though Bayer (which paid more than $60 billion for Monsanto in 2016, then later announced it was dropping the Monsanto name) is testing a new, “no-glyphosate” version of Roundup. It’s being marketed on Amazon as containing a “100% natural active ingredient.”

No clue as to what that “100% natural” mystery ingredient actually is—but we’ll be looking into it, and reporting back later.

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