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Is Bayer Behind a Hit List of Organic & Natural Health Advocates?

There are conventional medicine doctors, university researchers and even a former Pfizer VP who have spoken out this year about the public health response to COVID-19 and vaccine risks.

On the other end of the credibility spectrum, there are real scammers out there deliberately sharing disinformation, like George Webb and Zed Phoenix/Ben Fellows.

But, the ONLY people who were put on this list of vaccine safety advocates who should be deplatformed are well-known, long-time natural health practitioners and educators who are supporters of organic food and farming.

Has the unholy alliance between agribusiness and the pharmaceutical industry, exemplified by the Bayer-Monsanto merger, given these corporations an added incentive to team up to take out their biggest detractors?

Bayer’s shady PR firms are notorious for public deception scandals employing front groups to target their opponents, so it’s no stretch to suspect they’re working behind the scenes on the Disinformation Dozen campaign.

They're probably working overtime as Bayer teams up with GlaxoSmithKline and CureVac to develop and produce “next generation mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.”

We haven’t cracked the case yet, but there’s plenty of circumstantial evidence.

Voices for Vaccines is one of the pharmaceutical front-groups that’s been circulating the hit list. It is a project of the Task Force for Global Health, which is funded by vaccine and pharmaceutical companies―including Bayer and GlaxoSmithKline.

The authors of the Disinformation Dozen report, the Center for Countering Digital Hate and Anti-Vax Watch don’t reveal their funding, but the experts who provide the rationale for deplatforming us, Heidi Larson’s team at the Vaccine Confidence Project, are funded by GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson and Merck. Larson is also paid to sit on the Merck Vaccine Confidence Advisory Board and GlaxoSmithKline advisory roundtables.

We are definitely getting warmer...

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