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Regenerating Health: Preventing and Treating COVID Vaccine Injuries

Dr. Mercola interviews Dr. Michelle Perro of GMO Science and Regeneration Health International:

“The introduction of the experimental COVID jabs has opened the eyes of many to the fact that there are fundamental flaws with the vaccine program--not just with the mRNA shots, which have never existed before, but also with conventional vaccines. 

Toxins in food, water and air; vaccines, mRNA shots, electromagnetic field exposures and more, are making children sicker than any generation before them. 

When trying to prevent and/or treat a COVID jab injury, there are five toxic components that need to be addressed: spike protein toxicity, PEG, inflammation from the nanolipid, graphene oxide and nanotoxicity. 

A key tool in Dr. Michelle Perro’s treatment arsenal is spike protein-binding therapies like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Other helpful remedies include brinolytic enzymes like lumbrokinase, NAC, pine needle tea, curcumin, zeolite and symptom-specific homeopathies.”

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