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Stop the Madness

Like millions of Americans, we at OCA are sick and tired of gloom and doom, false promises, and authoritarian-technocratic schemes. We’ve had enough of the mad science, genetic engineering, war-mongering, fear-mongering, political corruption, corporate greed, cancel culture, and media censorship. We’re tired of hyper-partisan political posturing and sectarianism (“my issue or my constituency is more important than your issue or your constituency”). We’re done with name-calling and yelling at one another instead of sitting down and figuring out how we, the overwhelming majority, can move forward on real solutions for the U.S. and the world’s most pressing and dangerous crises—while agreeing to disagree on many of the secondary issues that will likely still divide us for the foreseeable future.

To stop the madness and build a world based upon organic food and farming, natural health, environmental preservation, nuclear disarmament, peace, and social justice, we need your help. Our recent People’s Food Summit, with inspirational speakers from all over the world, once again reminded us that there are organic and regenerative solutions emerging that can solve many of the world’s food, health, poverty, and immigration crises.

Toxic food, out-of-control genetic engineering, and environmental pollution, OCA’s traditional issues, are not the only things we need to worry about. The bloody and senseless war in Ukraine, threats of war in Taiwan, nuclear weapons brinkmanship, bi-partisan (Democrats and Republicans) war-mongering, and PPP (potential pandemic pathogens) bioweapons, disguised as biomedical or biodefense research, being developed in China, Russia, the U.S. as well as biotech laboratories all over the world, are moving us slowly but inexorably toward Armageddon not Regeneration.

We’re ready to step up our activities, make organic and regenerative practices the norm rather than just the alternative, bring the perpetrators of COVID-19 to justice, and join the new global peace and disarmament movement, but we need your help. We need money for education, network-building, organic research (on our Mexico and Minnesota organic farms), lab-testing, grassroots lobbying, market pressure campaigns, and litigation.

If you can afford to make a donation to OCA to stop the madness and promote organics, natural health, and Regeneration, please do so now.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support.

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