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Regeneration International and OCA Organizing Global Food Summit on World Food Day, October 16

The United Nations Food Systems Summit has been hijacked by corporate agribusiness and pesticide cartels, so RI and OCA have joined our global allies to create a peoples’ summit to promote agroecological, organic and regenerative food systems.

Regeneration International, in conjunction with OCA, Navdanya, IFOAM, and our steering committee partners, will be hosting the People's Food Summit on World Food Day, October 16, this year.

It will be a 24 hour global, participatory, online summit that will start in Oceania, and move westwards through the time zones of Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America.

We will have speakers from every continent to present the truly good news about food production and regenerative systems - including Vandana Shiva, Ronnie Cummins, Andre Leu, Precious Phiri, Million Belay, Reginaldo Marroquin and others, with panels, discussions and other live events as well as videos and music from every region of the world.

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