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A Populist Solution to the War in the Ukraine

I am proud to call myself a populist.

21st Century populists need to become more vocal in our opposition to war, militarism, nuclear and biological weapons, and all forms of imperialism. No one really wants war, outside of the military-industrial complex, but the mass media and Congress have yet once again whipped up the body politic, Republican and Democrats, conservatives and “progressives” alike, into a frenzy. Hopefully you watched the recent Oliver Stone movie, Ukraine in Flames, which we recommended in last week’s Organic Bytes.  

After watching Stone’s movie, please listen to this 34-minute audio podcast with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and investigative reporter Whitney Webb. In this interview you can learn more about the CIA/Deep State role in the war in the Ukraine, the standoff between the global superpowers, and where, as anti-war populists, we can go from here.

Watch the interview