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Drawing Down CO2 and Greening the Desert

OCA’s sister organization in Mexico, Via Organica, is working with Hudson Carbon of New York and small farmers and ranchers in the arid and semi-arid regions of Mexico to deploy, on a massive scale, an organic and regenerative agave/mesquite agroforestry and livestock management system called Agave Power.

This system, utilizing indigenous wisdom and native plants and trees, produces massive amounts (up to 40 tons per acre) of inexpensive and nutritious fermented animal feed (silage). 

At the same time this system delivers a range of other important eco-system services (rainwater retention, soil fertility, biodiversity, wildlife and pollinator habitat) that are crucial for degraded dryland pasture and rangelands. 

This agave/mesquite agroforestry system can draw down massive amounts of excess atmospheric CO2 (up to 100 tons of CO2 per acre averaged out over 10 years) storing this carbon above ground and below ground. 

OCA and Regeneration International are also working together with the Hudson Carbon Project. We are not only partnering in Mexico on the nationwide Billion Agave Project, but also in the U.S., highlighting organic and regenerative “best practices” and developing techniques that can measure, efficiently and accurately, soil carbon sequestration, CO2, nitrous oxide, and methane emissions, and other forms of eco-system restoration as well. 

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