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Global Regeneration Needs Your Support

OCA and our sister international network, Regeneration International, firmly believe we can reverse global warming, restore degraded ecosystems, improve public health, eliminate rural poverty and rejuvenate participatory democracy through regenerative and organic food, farming, and land use practices.

Our mission is to expose the truth about degenerative agriculture, corporate polluters, corrupt politicians, and indentured scientists and regulatory agencies. 

We’re not afraid to tell the truth about COVID-19, exposing the mad GMO and synthetic biology scientists, military industrial-biological Masters of War, medical mal-practitioners, and would-be digital dictators who have brought on and/or manipulated and profited from the COVID-19 catastrophe.

With your support, we intend to step up the work that must be done to transform our food and farming system, regenerate public health, and stop the so-called Great Reset of the global elite before it metastasizes any further.

Please make a generous donation at this time, if you are able. Thank you for your support.

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Support Citizens Regeneration Lobby, OCA’s 501(c)(4) lobbying arm (not tax-deductible)

Donate $100 or more and we’ll send you a copy of Ronnie’s book on the Climate Crisis, Grassroots Rising.

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