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An Ode to the Brave: The World Depends on You

Lena, aka “Tessa Fighting Robots,” writes in

“We are living under a mob. Once we get this, everything makes sense. Mobsters in charge have big loads of money and big loads of tricks; but their power greatly depends on us being afraid or confused. On the existential level, what we are up against is ‘unlove,’ the hatred of free-roaming life. We have all the power to choose what’s right, to pray from our hearts, and to protect each other from the mob… Many of us have asked ourselves again and again what is wrong with the people who seem to hate life so much that they just want to destroy everything they touch. They are really bothered by the existence of anything with free will, anything they don’t control! They are so addicted to control that the existence of free will makes them hurt! 

They are addicted to power. They need their high. And so, the petty censors, the delusional tyrants, the cruel emperors of our times are driven nuts by free-roaming life. The proverbial globalists of today, just like the conquistadors, the kings, and the big generals of the past ... they just can’t walk past free-roaming life without desiring to get it enslaved or killed, in order to make it work for them…”

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