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Danger to Society: Vaccine Passports

In this detailed, must-read article, Jim Kavanagh explains how vaccine passports undermine democracy by violating the basic constitutional rights of everyone—progressives, libertarians, and conservatives. Kavanagh’s article is literally the best overview of the COVID crisis that I have read.

Kavanagh’s essay lays out three fundamental criteria that medical mandates and vaccine passports must meet if we are to avoid the extreme polarization and political meltdown that currently threatens to tear the nation apart. Medical mandates and vaccine passports are drastic measures that should never, under any circumstances, be even considered unless there is a preponderance of independent, scientific and observational evidence proving that:

1. COVID-19 is an overwhelming, apocalyptic greater danger,

2. COVID-19 vaccines are a necessary, effective, and the only or least oppressive solution to that danger, and

3. The vaccines themselves pose no serious risks, no possibility that they might cause other harms equal to or greater than the specific danger of COVID.

As Kavanagh shows us, beyond any shadow of a doubt, the COVID mandates have failed to meet any of these three criteria.

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