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Regenerating Democracy

The disastrous government response to COVID-19, carried out by both the (Anthony Fauci/Bill Gates/Big Pharma/Free Trade with China) Trump and Biden administrations, has severely polarized and damaged the body politic. OCA columnist, Nate Doromal, like many of our readers, a disillusioned progressive, explains how the majority of liberals and progressives seem to have lost their judgment and their ideals, regurgitating the greed and power-driven lies and fear-mongering of Big Pharma, the global economic elite, the bioweapons complex, and the political Establishment, trampling on the civil rights of millions of Americans.

Before they totally discredit themselves, those who believe in traditional progressive ideals such as peace, justice, environmental sustainability, and climate action, need to wake up to the threat of 21st Century authoritarianism and bio-fascism. Those who like to call themselves progressives need to calm down, move beyond hyper-partisan politics and fear, and look at the overwhelming, independent, science-based evidence surrounding the origins, nature, virulence, prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Once progressives break free from Establishment propaganda, they will then be able to join together with the growing number of populist-minded Americans who oppose government and media censorship and support freedom of choice and real participatory democracy.

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