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Keep The Truth About COVID-19 on the Best-Seller List

Amazon ranked Ronnie Cummins’s new book, The Truth About COVID-19, co-authored with Dr. Mercola, with a powerful Foreword by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., as the eighth top-selling book in the nation as of April 29. 

The Truth About COVID-19 lays out the evidence that SARS-CoV-2 was a lab release, developed jointly by US and Chinese scientists, funded in part by Anthony Fauci’s NIH. 

A short time before the actual outbreak, COVID was eerily and suspiciously predicted and war-gamed by Bill Gates, the WHO, World Economic Forum, the CIA, and strategic members of the corporate elite in a conference in New York in October 2019 called Event 201. Event 201 laid out how censorship, lockdowns, and unprecedented restrictions on dissent and personal freedoms would be necessary to deal with the anticipated mass panic and potential civil unrest from a forthcoming pandemic. 

Since then, these same globalists have orchestrated the lockdowns, Emergency Decrees, rushed to market vaccines, and Vaccine Passports that have turned the world upside down. 

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