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More Truth About COVID-19

In this interview by Alexis Baden-Mayer with OCA Director Ronnie Cummins, co-author with Dr. Joseph Mercola of the new book The Truth About COVID-19, Ronnie talks about the Wuhan, China lab-engineered origins of COVID-19 and the Chinese/U.S. cover-up of this (hopefully) accidental but predictable disaster. 

Alexis and Ronnie discuss the reckless Chinese/U.S. “gain-of-function” experiments that weaponized the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the little-known history of the US-led chemical and biological arms race since the Second World War, and the absolute necessity to ban “gain-of-function” and bioweapons experiments across the globe. 

Ronnie also examines the ruthless manipulation of the pandemic by Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Business, the military-industrial complex, and indentured politicians, and the so-called Great Reset, who have used fraudulent science, fear-mongering, Emergency Decrees, and lockdowns to consolidate their power and wealth in a manner that can only be described as dictatorial.  

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